The 5 Best AI APIs, Tools, and Integrations for Marketing in Sept 2023

The 5 Best AI APIs, Tools, and Integrations for Marketing in Sept 2023
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It's that time of the week again, list Saturday. This week I'm going to share some of the best AI tools in the form of APIs for Marketing. These can be used for:

  • Writing Copy
  • Localizing website text
  • Write Social Media Posts
  • Generating personalized email subjects
  • Write newsletters
  • Improve your English in all use cases
  • And much more

1) Cohere Generate

This is one of my absolute favorite APIs, Cohere Generate, which allows you to write website copy in an automated way for user personas. Anyone who is in marketing knows that hyper-personalization is a life hack that allows you to increase conversion rates by knowing the customer at a deeper level.

They work on a token level and currently charge $0.0000004 per token, with 50 million tokens equaling about $20.

2) Grammarly

Grammarly has been around so long, it's almost surprising to remember that it had AI integration before AI became a buzzword. Grammarly has a widespread network of integrations that make it easy to use in every aspect of your life. This includes an iOS keyboard, a chrome extension, and more. It can help you correct your work, write new content, and also learns from your own writing style.

Billing is at a flat rate of $12/month for a premium subscription.

3) Deepl

When a tool calls itself the world's most accurate AI Translator, it's a tall order. Deepl offers a wide array of tools and a convenient API for integrating it in your own application or website. Imagine a world where you can automatically localize your English homepage to any language that your visitors are using when they land on your site. This reality is possible with Deepl integration.

Pricing is per user and starts at just $8.74/month

4) Redense AI

I have to give myself credit since I am the creator of RedenseAI, but if you are tired of writing your own newsletters, RedenseAI is the perfect tool for you. Redense has a number of handy tools that simplify the process of putting articles together, allowing you to create a newsletter quickly and easily by assembling your articles into a coherent newsletter that can be sent out immediately.

Prices are per user and start at $12/month

5) InstaText

If you have problems with writing texts, InstaText is probably the right tool for you. It allows you to insert a text and rewrite it in such a way that it looks appealing and as if written by a native speaker. It can easily find a place in your writing workflow. Unfortunately, there is currently no API for integrating it into your app, but there is already widespread integration with various text editors like Word, Google Docs, and messenger apps like Messenger, Twitter, and Facebook. There's also a handy Chrome extension.

Billing is a flat monthly fee of 25 euros per month.

With these tools your creativity is unlimited and the sky is the limited to the opportunities.

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